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Pop-Up Adventure Playground

For three days in May - the 12th -14th (12PM -6PM), The Nyack Park Conservancy, together with the Village of Nyack, is going to be hosting a Pop-up Adventure Playground! Adventure playgrounds focus on child directed play, which is the play that evolves when children choose what to play and make up their own rules about how they’ll play.

The playground itself is an area devoid of screens, monitors, computer keyboards, mouses or joysticks - it’s an outside area filled with...well, filled with random stuff! Cardboard boxes, lengths of plastic piping, tubes, tires, containers, ropes - a veritable cornucopia of random objects, there to imagine with and build whatever the kids can dream up!

The idea is simply to get kids playing outside with other kids, in an environment that flexes their creative muscles.

We’re tremendously psyched about it, but we’ll need your help to make it happen. We’ll need your tubes, your containers, your boxes - your leftover pvc pipes, pex tubing - your old bicycle parts, bins, cable spools, sheets, towels - seriously, just about anything that’s clean, non-toxic and doesn’t have sharp edges is probably something that we can use!

Please let us know if you have any items you’d like to donate to the Nyack Adventure Playground!